Urgent Eye Care

It is crucial to promptly address eye emergencies, regardless of whether they appear severe or minor, to prevent permanent damage. Eye emergencies can result from various accidents and require immediate attention.

Tired woman with eye pain during working in home office
If you have a life-threatening or urgent eye emergency and cannot reach us, please go directly to the emergency room at your nearest hospital.

Extensive experience in treating ocular emergencies

At Optometry on Bronte, we understand that ocular emergencies require prompt and specialized care. While urgent care centers are effective in treating medical emergencies, they may not have the proper equipment and resources to diagnose and manage eye-related emergencies. Our doctors have extensive experience in treating a wide range of ocular emergencies, including corneal abrasions, pink eye, foreign bodies, ocular trauma, and flashes and floaters. If you experience an ocular emergency, please contact our office immediately. Our staff and doctors will promptly assess your condition and provide the specialized care required to manage your emergency. We are committed to ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality of care in any situation.