Diabetic Eye Exams

The retina, located at the back of the eye, contains multiple microscopic blood vessels. Prolonged high levels of blood sugar can cause these vessels to become permeable and prone to hemorrhaging.

Eye exam at Optometry on Bronte

Protect your vision - get a diabetic eye exam annually

The primary cause of adult blindness is diabetic retinopathy. A comprehensive diabetic eye exam, which includes dilation, is crucial in detecting retinopathy. It is advisable for diabetic patients to undergo this exam once a year. Upon completion, we will send a report of the exam to your diabetes specialist.

Early Diagnosis

Early diagnosis of diabetic eye disease is essential in preventing vision loss and maintaining overall eye health. Diabetic eye disease, specifically diabetic retinopathy, is caused by damage to the blood vessels in the retina due to high blood sugar levels. In its early stages, diabetic retinopathy may not show any noticeable symptoms, which is why regular eye exams are important for individuals with diabetes.