Dry Eye

Dry eye is a prevalent eye condition that affects many people today. It can be caused by various factors such as extended computer screen time, dry work environments, sleep apnea, and others. Dry eye can cause discomfort and, in severe cases, impair daily activities.

Young woman rubbing her eyes feel painful and take off her glasses

Feeling uncomfortable, irritated, and dry eyes can be signs of dry eye

Dry eye can be categorized into several different types, each caused by a distinct layer of the tear film. At Optometry on Bronte, we have expertise in detecting the variations between these dry eye types, allowing us to customize treatment and provide the most comfortable outcome. We also provide the latest technology in contact lenses, including daily disposable lenses, which can enable patients who have had difficulty wearing contacts to do so comfortably again, either part-time or full-time.


Approximately 45% of people who wear contact lenses report symptoms of dry eye.


Approximately 15% of the population suffers from dry eyes.

Causes of Dry Eye

Dry eye can be caused by various factors, including age, environmental factors, medical conditions, certain medications, prolonged computer use, contact lenses, and sleep apnea. At Optometry on Bronte, our optometrists can diagnose the underlying cause of dry eye and provide personalized treatment plans to manage symptoms and improve eye health.