Contact Lenses

We can help you discover the ideal contact lenses for your needs, whether you're a first-time user or a long-time wearer. With our wealth of experience and cutting-edge eye care and lens technology, we're committed to finding the perfect fit for you.

Woman applying contact lens in bathroom

Contact lenses that cater to a diverse range of needs

With all the advances in contact lens technology and all the different brands available, our optometrists can help decide which contact lenses best suit your eyes. A contact lens eye examination will include a comprehensive exam to check the overall ocular health and vision prescription, and a contact lens assessment to ensure the contacts fit properly and are suitable for your eyes. Proper contact lens fitting is important to ensure optimal comfort and vision. If you are a new wearer, we will also teach you how to care for your lenses and proper insertion and removal techniques.

New to Contacts?

Once the ideal lens for your eyes has been identified, we can provide training on the appropriate techniques for inserting, removing, and maintaining your contacts. With our guidance, you'll become proficient in no time!